Training Need Analysis

Skilled employees are needed in performing multifaceted tasks in a competent and cost-effective manner. The disparity between the actual level of job performance and the expected level of job performance indicates a need for training. The identification of training needs is the first step in an identical process of instructional plan. A successful training needs analysis helps to deploy the adequate & optimum training resources. 

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Job Market Scenario

Background of the Indian job market and the job seekers has changed considerably over the last 7 years. With enhanced access to talent via job portal, social media, active placement cells of colleges and staffing organizations offering end-to-end solutions, the gap of talent hunt is getting narrower. But what is more significant is the paradigm shift in the aspirations of young Indians. The employment terms have outgrown the laws & so is the responsibility of HR to closely work on retaini...

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Growing Importance of Social Media in Recruitment

A recent survey of jobseekers has revealed that they're highly getting dependent  to the internet to find jobs and so is the social media becoming progressively more important to jobseekers and recruiters equally.

No doubt that IT workers are turning to the web, the majority still use the generalis...

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Why is it required to micromanage Work & PEOPLE

One of my close associate spent a heavy toll of his time in interviewing people for his own office. He possessed some peculiar judging qualities and was able to screen the best of candidates. His people started off with great zeal and were found high on commitment level. However, they used to lose interest or maybe they were not heading in their desired directions and gradually they planned to leave. Those who stayed back were demotivated and were just working for the heck of continuing in a ...

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