Growing Importance of Social Media in Recruitment

A recent survey of jobseekers has revealed that they're highly getting dependent  to the internet to find jobs and so is the social media becoming progressively more important to jobseekers and recruiters equally.

No doubt that IT workers are turning to the web, the majority still use the generalist job sites on the internet with lots of different openings. Nearly 50 % of job seekers look for job opportunities specifically on a potential employer's website.

While some companies are certainly making strides in optimizing their social media strategy, there's a long way to go before people realize the significance of sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, etc. and that's potentially detrimental, since innovation in online recruitment is heading up.

So, for recruiters and candidates both, social media is no more a teen age pass time. The web will continue to play an increasingly important part in the recruitment process - and those who opt not to be part of, will be losing out on a big opportunity