Industry Academia Tie Ups

Industry Academia Tie Ups

There has always been a growing need for a much enhanced coordination between the industry and academia.

  • India is now a fast developing economy and is one of the strongest market for investments and expansions thereby creating a potential requirement of Employable resources. On contrary, the Indian varsities possess a huge set of unskilled resources which once groomed can take up challenges to meet the needs of the dynamism and the national growth. Industries create the framework of training & the required skill sets and we bring them closer to academia through our unique Academia Industry Association (AIA) Model.
  • Academia provides knowledge & focuses largely on syllabus completion but in order to make students posses the corporate skill set , an Industry intervention is required, and so do we stand committed to help academia partner with Industries to prepare students for the workplace requirements, give them the necessary Industry exposure to polish the skills of fresh graduates.


HP Initiative to Ensure & Develop Industry Academia Partnership Model



MOUs with industries for Skill Development

Regular Interaction in the Form of Expert & Guest Lectures by Industry Experts

Interaction through Webinars on regular intervals on latest trends and technolgies


Project Trainings

Industrial Trainings